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Upholstery material requires proper care if you are to prolong its life. One of the ways to do just that is steam cleaning upholstery. Steam cleaning uses hot water to remove dirt that is stuck on the upholstery. At the right temperature, the hot steam can serve as a disinfectant of the upholstery.

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Couches are upholstered in different kinds of materials that cannot be cleaned the same way. Cleaning couches needs professionals who understand which material requires what type of cleaning. We have certified technicians who are required to do continuous training to maintain IICRC certification.

Professional Sofa Cleaning Bellaire TX - Remove Hard Stains

Young children and pets are great to have. Their laughter while playing around the house with pets is like music to parents. As they climb up all over your expensively upholstered sofas, they deposit a lot of debris. Moreover, feet put up by adults on sofas and dust blown into the house by wind make the sofas dirty. This debris may comprise soil, sand, flower pollen, pet hairs, pet poop, oils etc. At Carpet Cleaning Bellaire Texas we give a professional sofa cleaning service.

Steam Cleaning Furniture In Bellaire TX

Besides cleaning your carpets and sofas, we also clean various types of furniture. Cleaning furniture may sound easy but it takes a professional to reach all the corners. Most housekeepers will clean the visible areas of the furniture only. The not so visible areas are neglected. These areas become breeding ground for microbes and mold. Eventually they weaken the furniture and therefore shorten their useful life.

If you want steam cleaning furniture, we at Carpet Cleaning Bellaire Texas have the expertise that you need and the equipment to do the job. One of the major advantages that you get from this type of cleaning is that your upholstery is not exposed to hash chemicals. Besides being good for the environment in your home, cleaning by steam also preserves the rich colors of your upholstery. Our staff at Carpet Cleaning Bellaire TX has a lot of experience in offering you this service and know how to do it right.

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